Fashion choices for students vary between name, fit, other factors


Lathem Morez, Aztec Media

Student clothing brands have become increasingly popular in recent years. These brands offer clothing that appeals specifically to the student demographic, often featuring trendy designs and affordable prices. While some may see this as a positive development, others may have concerns about the impact these brands have on students and the fashion industry as a whole. Students have different reasons for choosing what they wear. 

“My type of brands are Nike for my shoes and some Old Navy for my upper body,” said junior Elijah Hopkins.

Junior Nebi Tewolde also puts some thought into what he chooses for footwear.

“This fit kinda is rushed but I normally wear slides as shoes and throw on some Puma brands,” Tewolde said.

Others such as junior Yahir Corrales say the fit is more important than the brand itself.

“I don’t really care about fashion but I guess Adidas looks good on me for both shoes and everything else,” Corrales said. “It’s fine what you wear at school, just keep it to the point where it’s comfy and stylish”.

Students would like to wear whatever would fit them best or to copy their peers. While they can provide affordable fashion options for students and help level the playing field in terms of fashion, they may also contribute to the fast fashion industry and promote a culture of conformity and materialism. It’s important for students and consumers in general to be aware of these factors.