Senior sports captains share advice for future leaders


Angela Badilla Coronado, Aztec Media

Understanding, selflessness, committed, and humble. Those are some traits that are needed in a captain of a team according to senior captains Yadhira Valdez and Renata Manriquez. There are some senior captains who will be leaving soon and have some things to say. Which is why I interviewed these  seniors and here is what they had to say about their last year being captains.  

Copper Canyon senior Yadhira Valdez is a captain of the varsity softball team this year and shared some thoughts about her senior year.

“Honestly, I feel proud of myself,” Valdez said. “Throughout my high school career, I have been captain each year and my goal in the beginning was to somehow impact this program into being something and having the feeling of accomplishment. I’ll say one thing, that goal was met. I feel like I have given it my all and hopefully impacted my teammates into wanting the very best for themselves.” 

Valdez also explains her thoughts about whether she finds being captain is challenging.

“It can be challenging being Captain at times due to the pressure of having to do everything right and having constant eyes on you all the time,” she said.

Valdez also shared some advice for future leaders. 

 “To be a captain, you have to know the difference between being a friend and being a team player,” Valdez said.

Manriquez, a Senior here at Copper Canyon High School and 2 year captain of varsity girls soccer team. 

Manriquez states, “Being a captain, you have to be a leader and always trust your gut. You also can’t feel entitled to anything just because of your label. You need to stay humble and always be a good role model to everyone and have good sportsmanship. You can’t be scared to be vocal.”

Renata’s journey as a senior captain has been nothing but fun and making friendships. 

Manriquez says, “It’s sad honestly, I’m going to miss my girls and my coaches. We had so much fun together and I’m grateful for all of them.” Her word explains how she feels about this being her last year being captain. 

Manriquez also plans on playing soccer in college in her future.       

As you see, being a senior captain can be a grand memory to some people. Especially for these two girls. As you grow in your years in highschool, use these two girls’ stories to try joining a sports team and work your way up to become captain just like them! You might end up having fun.