FLEX brings new opportunities for students


Timothy Pinedo

Students practice for the e-sports team during FLEX in Mr. Lehman’s room.

Juan Pena, Aztec Media

Copper Canyon High School has a new schedule with an opportunity called “FLEX” in the 2021-2022 school year. This is an opportunity for our students to meet with their teachers during school hours before or after lunch.

“I think FLEX provides many opportunities for our school,” said Andrew Heytens, Copper Canyon’s instructional mentor. “I think the main purpose is for students to get with their teachers, get some make-up work done, and work on their grades.”

Henderika TeNuyl, a Copper Canyon CTE teacher, also thinks FLEX is great for students to get help.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for our students to get help during the day,” said TeNuyl. “They also get to try new things.”

Alberto Castro, a Copper Canyon sophomore, also says it’s great for helping students.

“It helps kids get their grades up and basically not have to stay after school,” said Castro. “That’s genuinely what FLEX is for.”

Ashley Gonzalez, a Copper Canyon senior, thinks it works for our school.

“Personally, I think FLEX really works for the school,” said Gonzalez. “It helps everyone technically and I really like it because I have more time to do things.

All four of these people have something great they like about FLEX.

 “I think our teachers and students have done a phenomenal job of figuring out the logistics of FLEX,” said Heytens. “It’s really cool to see students participating in some of our activities like cornhole and basketball.”

Henderika TeNuyl likes to work with her SkillsUSA kids.

“The chance to work with the SkillsUSA kids in the student store,” said TeNuyl.

Alberto Castro likes that it’s during the school day.

“It’s during school so you don’t have to wait before school or after school,” said Castro. “It helps with your grades a lot.”

Ashley Gonzalez likes that she has lots of time to do some work.

“Time management,” said Gonzalez. “I have so much time to do things.

They all think FLEX can help our students and staff with our grades and so much more.

“Mainly for students, it can help them fix their grades, make up work, and meet with their teachers,” said Heytens. “And then coming off of a COVID year, it kind of enhances our campus culture and provides students the opportunities to meet with their friends, hang out, and do some cool things during FLEX period.”

“We get to connect with students we may not see in our classrooms if we host different activities,” said TeNuyl. “Students are able to get help and attention a day more than having after school tutoring.”

“Teachers don’t have to stay after school waiting for kids if they may not make it,” said Castro.

“I think it could help us raise grades or help us be a little less stressed,” said Gonzalez.

Lastly, they all think FLEX is a nice opportunity and should continue going.

“So moving forward, I think FLEX will only get better,” said Heytens. “Once we get to the cooler season, I expect more activities to be happening outside and hopefully more opportunities for students to continue on their academics and improve that way.”

“I think FLEX will be an amazing experience for our students,” said TeNuyl. “It can help grow our community and we’ll see more student involvement on our campus.”

“The only thing I think you really need to worry about is like the announcements said, ‘just keep on picking up the place and just keep FLEX going,’” said Castro.

“I hope FLEX stays for a longer time because I really enjoy it,” said Gonzalez.

Students practice for the e-sports team during FLEX in Mr. Lehman’s room. (Timothy Pinedo)