FASHION: Converse goes with everything


Denise Medrano, Aztec Media

So I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the shoe Converse right? You see that pair of shoes just sitting in your closet waiting to be worn. Yet you’re thinking to yourself you don’t know what to where them with. Let me tell you, those shoes come in every color and design you can think of giving your outfit a pop of color and personality.

Everyone owns a pair of those Converse, even your idols or favorite celebrities. You see those pair of oversized jeans or basic dresses hanging in your closet. Now grab those shoes and with some cute jewelry you’ll be a part of the trend everyone is talking about.

Honestly Converse are the best shoes you can wear, tennis shoes wise. They have low tops and high tops for your every need and they give you that pazazz. Even when they get dirty you don’t have to worry about cleaning because they honestly look nicer. Can you think of any other shoe that looks nice when they’re beaten up and dirty? No, exactly.

As a teenager, I can tell you that everyone will feed you complements in that instagram post when you post that picture of you in your high tops. You can honestly wear them with anything, like if you want a baggy look, basic, unique, or oldschool.. Now you go put on those shoes right now and go show them off.