OPINION: Dress code often affects one gender more than the other

Elizabeth Vega, Aztec Media

A big problem in school for us girls has always been dress code. People never seem to see it as a big deal, but it is.

Yes if someone comes half naked to school it would be a problem but what most staff members see as a problem is usually a small thing. For example we can get dress coded for showing our shoulders. And there isn’t anything wrong with it so why is it a big thing to begin with?

They claim it’s to dress appropriately but that isn’t even a valuable reason. Students should dress how they want and express themselves. Wearing tank tops was never a problem till weirdos made it one. There should be no sort of distraction with someone showing their shoulders and if someone is distracted by it that should be something they learn to control, not us girls.

Not only that but also guys get away with what they were most of the time but one look at us and just like that we’re sent to the office. Dress code should only come for those who are absolutely dressing half naked. But not to those who are showing their shoulders or a little skin.

Girls should wear what they want and feel comfortable if they shouldn’t have people judging them for expressing themselves. It’s not fair to us while guys get to wear what they want with no problem. And guys should learn some respect and learn to go about their day without feeling so called “distracted”.

I got lucky with the fact that I can go my day without distracting anyone and having respectful peers and teachers. It should be like that for anyone but some aren’t fortunate with the opportunity with that.