REVIEW: Kanye’s ‘Donda’ a frustrating experience


Isaac Cobos Aguilar, Aztec Media

Originally to be streamed at 6 p.m., delayed twice, and still beginning two hours late at 10 p.m., the “Donda Experience” for Kanye’s latest album “Donda 2” was horribly executed, awkward, and even frustrating to listen to. It isn’t uncommon for Kanye’s listening parties to be delayed and even completely postponed to days after it was originally planned to begin. His first album and listening party dedicated to his mother; “Donda” was delayed multiple times until it finally released many months later.

Surprisingly, Kanye’s event for the second album was only delayed by a few hours. Unlike the first event however, Donda 2 was a messy production that did not live up to fan’s expectations. One notable flaw was the incompetence of the audio team. While performing, Kanye attempted to rap along to “Jail”, only to be interrupted by the recording of himself. This mistake was promptly followed by a frustrated Kanye West throwing his mic onto the flooded stage. Commenters online were quick to make fun of the situation, saying Pete Davidson, Kanye’s Ex-Wife’s new boyfriend, paid off the sound team to humiliate him. The sound team was not the only issue with the show, other popular artists like playboy Carti, The Migos, and Soulja Boy were featured but only on mediocre songs that did not compare to the previous album or the rest of Kanye’s discography. Carti’s appearance was especially disappointing as he just yelled and paraded about in clown makeup with some random person in all black with liberty spikes.

Despite all its flaws, it was still a pretty good event. Kanye and his team always seem to do an amazing job when it comes to setting and the overall atmosphere of the stage. The lights were spectacular, with spotlights that looked like eclipses and sometimes burning stars making everything much more dramatic. Some of the songs were very good too, the first track, sampling a verse of the late rapper XXXTENTACION, was a perfect addition to the show. Alicia Key’s performance of “City of God’s” was probably the best part of the show, her live vocals and piano playing were perfect. Kanye West’s listening parties and Events may be frustrating to wait for, especially when they are delayed by hours, days or even months, but they are always worth taking the time out of your day to watch or listen to.