My experience of drinking only water for three weeks

My experience of drinking only water for three weeks

Aryanna Gonzalez, Aztec Media

Do you know about the benefits of drinking water? I did an experiment of drinking just water for three weeks. I had no idea of how many great things could come out of this assessment such as clear skin, more energy, improved sleep schedule, exercise performance, and mood.

To begin with, the first week I noticed how I had more energy to do things. For example, usually after school I’m tired and exhausted. So I’m used to going home and taking a nap, but for most days I stayed up, did my chores, watched a movie and completed my homework.

Second of all, during the second week I also noticed my skin started to slowly clear up. My skin has a hard time dealing with acne and acne scars. My acne and scars started to dramatically clear up and prevent any acne.

Third of all, towards the end of the second week I noticed how my sleep schedule changed. I usually have a difficult time sleeping. For instance I take melatonin or sleep gummies to help me sleep, during the second week I didn’t need to take anything. It was easier to fall asleep and wake up in the mornings. This follows in how this experiment affected mood. I can be a grumpy person when I don’t get enough sleep, but I began to be more awake and alert during the day and class.

Finally, I improved my exercise and movement. For instance in P.E on fitness days it was easier for me to run and do cardio, along with doing better at not losing my breath so easily.

Before I attempted this experiment, I wanted to speak to someone who knows a little bit about health. I spoke to Dacia Atkinson, a wellness teacher at Copper Canyon.

 “This will be great for you or really anyone to do, because water assists in anything you do and is great for your health,” Atkinson said.

This experiment had many great unexpected outcomes such as, having a significant amount of energy, clearer skin, improved sleep schedule, my mood, and exercise. This was a great experience to try, you should too.