How do students feel about AP classes?

How do students feel about AP classes?

Elie Gisore, Aztec Media

With registration comes the question of whether or not a student should take Advanced Placement courses. Copper Canyon is offering more AP classes each year, and now features the AP Capstone program for student diplomas. The courses can help students earn college credits while in high school and improve their college applications. However, they also require a different level of work than regular courses.

“AP classes have helped me so much,” said Bora Mutesi, a senior at Copper Canyon. “AP classes have helped earn some college credit. I took college English classes; that will help me when I’m in college because i won’t have to take that class again. I will save up my money and my time.”

“AP classes have helped my GPA in a very good way.” said John Key, a senior at Cortez High School. “I took 2 AP classes my junior year which helped my GPA. Many schools give extra weight to AP classes on GPA. I went from a 2.4 to a 2.9.”

But others said the extra GPA bump did not help.

“AP classes are not for everyone,” said Cristian Moroni ,a senior at Cortez High School. “They didn’t help me so much. They stressed me out so much. They are just too hard for me. I spent nights studying but still failed. All I’m going to say is that AP classes will either help you or affect your GPA in a bad way.”

“AP classes are mainly meant to help you,” said Jesus Daniel, a senior at Cortez High School. “I personally like them. They are helping me get prepared for college. I now know what to expect when I go to college.”