CCHS should add Unified Sports teams

CCHS should add Unified Sports teams

Aryanna Gonzalez, Aztec Media

Unified sports are a sports program for those with or without intellectual disability. So, you are probably wondering why doesn’t Copper Canyon have this program? Copper needs something like this. Having this program available at our school could give special needs students a chance to get engaged in physical activity, social interaction, and become independent and more prepared for their lives.

To begin with, a unified sports program would be beneficial for Copper Canyon to supply because it allows our special needs students to get enough physical activity. It is important for them to have athletic activities because it allows them to maintain mobility as they grow. According to the “students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance”. This evidence shows that a unified sports program would be beneficial to Coppers Canyons special needs students.

Second, this sports project is a great idea because it gives students with disabilities to have more social interaction. Having social interactions for them allows them to practice working as a team, making new friends, and support them with their social skills. As seen in “Displaying good manners, communication effectively with others, being considerate of the feelings of others and expressing personal needs are all important components of solid social skills”. This evidence means that our high school should have this available because it supports students with disabilities in basic needed skills.

Third, this program helps students with disabilities become ready for their life. This is great because it puts them into several situations where they may need to solve a problem by themselves and enhance self-assurance. As read in “working within a team can also help supply self-confidence, something that is extremely important for young children”. This information explains that this program equips special needs young students and older for the world and life.

In conclusion, Unified sports is a sports program for children and young adults with any disability. Copper Canyon should have this program because, it could show and guide our students to get engaged in physical activity, social interaction, and teaches them to become independent and prepared for the future.