CCHS students, staff reflect on pandemic’s effects


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a loss of life worldwide and is a challenge to our health, and our daily life. After two years of the pandemic, students and staff at Copper Canyon are still adjusting and reflecting on how the virus has impacted them.

“Covid has impacted my school life by requiring me to learn different mediums and strategies for teaching,” said Lauren Slade, a Science teacher at Copper Canyon. “Particularly last year, transitioning from all online to in-person and hybrid was difficult. It was my first-year teaching, and I was getting used to online, and then I had to learn something new when Covid calmed down enough for some people to come back to school. It has also caused an emotional toll worrying about illness in my family or the family of my students.”

Math teacher Kayla Malone also felt the impact personally and professionally.

“Covid has affected my life inside and outside of work,” she said. “I had to work from home last year which made my mental health decline, my family has had it spread throughout, and took a teacher friend of mine which hit close to home in 2019 and still does hurt knowing she is no longer here. Covid may not have affected me as badly as those around me, but it did change how we live our daily lives.”

Junior Elise Lamas ad to miss 2 weeks of school earlier this year with COVID-19.

“Covid affected my school life by me missing school for a week and being really behind and coming back and not understanding the lessons that were being taught,” she said. “Covid had affected my school life outside of school by being trapped in the house for two weeks with nothing to do and being cautious of family members we spent time with prior to knowing I had Covid.”

“It sucked just being sick and laying down in bed all day, doing absolutely nothing,” said freshman Juan Barry about his Covid experience. His symptoms were being overly tired, body pain, excessive coldness on his body. He added that he couldn’t do his school work while out because he was in a lot of body pain and his body constantly felt sore.

Freshman Mary Espinoza stated that she was “practically miserable” due to her having to quarantine for 2 weeks, she felt very claustrophobic, and she wanted to move around more but she couldn’t. Her symptoms were that when she would cough, “it would hurt” her whole body by just simply coughing she felt some sort of vibration throughout her whole body so it would be even more painful , and she had a constant runny nose.

Everyone at Copper has a story about how this pandemic has affected their daily lives at home and at school. Our lives have changed in so many ways the past two years as we continue to adapt, and with Covid still going, we will continue to feel the effects at CCHS and at home.