Why do football players drink so much water?

Why do football players drink so much water?

Elie Gisore, Aztec Media

Football is one of the more difficult sports in high school. It requires intense training, often during intense heat. Football players come in all sizes and while there’s a lot that goes into it from mental preparation to the weight room, one of the primary elements is water. One of the “rules” in football is to drink a gallon of water every practice day. Players say they need the water for various reasons.

John Dion , a senior at Cortez High School and a football player, said it gives players more energy when we are practicing.

“Practice is so much fun when we all have energy because we drink enough water , we perform really well and coaches are always happy when we put in an effort during practice,” he said.

Wakbil Ayiwe ,a junior at Tolleson High School and a football player, added another reason.

“Aren’t muscle cramps the worst?” he said. “Once I had muscle cramps because I was dehydrated and I cried.”

Pacifique Ndayi , a senior at Tolleson High School and a football player, said “drinking a gallon not only helps you while playing football but also helps your health. Water Improves Your Skin , Water Balances your fluids, and drinking water curbs craving. That’s what makes me drink at least a gallon everyday.”

“Drinking water will also prevent you from injuries in some ways, it really does,” added Bora Mutesi, a senior at Copper Canyon. “Drinking water lubricates the joints in your body.”

“Drinking water also helps you with your breathing too,” said Will Alison , a senior at Cortez High School. “Did you know that drinking water helps deliver oxygen throughout the body? Now you know. It also regulates the temperature. Especially when you are in that helmet. It is really hot. You need your temperature to be regulated very well or else you might pass out.”