PIZZA: Which place makes the best?


Lathem Morez, Aztec Media

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Best Pizza in Phoenix?


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Pizza is a popular staple in the American diet, especially among teenagers. But what place around town has the best pizza? Copper Canyon students have their own favorites.

“When it comes to the west side of Phoenix, the best pizza place … is Blaze Pizza,” said sophomore Yahir Corrales. “Theres (also) this one place I tried once and it was good. I think it was called Barros Pizza. It has a variety of toppings you can choose from, you can have bigger pizzas than most places, and the place also has wings which I like too.”

“I have to say Pizza Hut,” said sophomore Brian Cruz. “I guess i haven’t had pizza in a while. I’m telling you, Pizza Hut is fire.”

“I think Dominos is pretty good,” added sophomore Jeremiah Escalante.

We all have different opinions. Be sure to mention your favorite place in the poll.