CCHS students, staff navigate pros, cons of technology

CCHS students, staff navigate pros, cons of technology

Juan Pena, Aztec Media

Technology is used all around the world, which can bring people to positive and negative relationships.

Some people use technology for a long amount of time for school projects or work. Alfred Oxford, a Copper Canyon principal, uses his computer for about 5 to 6 hours a day.

“I use my computer every day for probably 5 to 6 hours a day,” said Oxford. “Pretty much the only times I’m not on my computer are when I’m out on campus for lunch duty or supervision.”

Ariana Campos, a Copper Canyon junior, uses her computer at least 3-4 hours a day.

“The usage of my computer is needed for both school and work, it can be said every day,” said Campos. “An approximation of 3-4 hours at least.”

Isaiah Alday, a Copper Canyon senior, uses his computer very often. “I use my computer very often,” said Alday. “I use it for everything involving school work.”

There are certain apps/programs that they use on their computers, like mainly the Microsoft apps to communicate with our students and staff.

“Professionally, here at Copper, we use Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word,” said Oxford. “I find myself using Outlook every day to send emails and respond to emails, which drive our communication.”

“Majority of the time, I extensively use Teams, Google and Office 365 during school hours,” said Campos.

“The apps I use include Teams, Microsoft, Google, PowerPoint and/or Word,” said Alday.

There are many benefits to using those programs.

“They save a lot of time if you know how to use them correctly,” said Oxford. “With technology, I’m able to do things quickly in under 5 minutes. Where it’s beneficial for me is efficiency.”

“Most of these programs help me stay connected with teachers and classmates,” said Campos. “They also permit me to view the assignments I am required to complete.”

“These apps are beneficial to me because I use them to complete school work,” said Alday.

Technology has made a difference in the world in many ways.

“It’s brought people closer together,” said Oxford. “In some ways, it separated us. With technology, you can talk to anybody.”

“Technology has efficiently improved the form of learning, thinking and communication,” said Campos. “Overall, economic and technological growth.”

“I think technology has made a difference by making things a lot faster and slower, it’s less of a hassle to control and is very difficult to control, and/or it has made life for some, if not most, people’s lives for many reasons,” said Alday.

Technology has many good habits like talking to people and having fun.

“Good habits would be setting limits,” said Oxford. “Technology is great, but we can’t lose sight of important things we want to accomplish.”

“It creates the habit of obtaining knowledge by the day, even if it is something small,” said Campos.

“Some good habits would include entertainment, social media, communication and photography,” said Alday.

Aside from good habits, there are also some bad habits about technology like spending too much time on it and comparing lives with others.

“The bad habits are addiction,” said Oxford. “Sometimes with social media, it’s easier to compare yourself with others. Time spent on social media, games, computers and work can take away from the people in front of you.”

“A few ill-mannered habits may cause people to lose sleep and lessen healthy eating patterns,” said Campos. “In accordance with researchers, it has been proven that technology decreases social skills.”

“Some bad habits include scams, ads, cheating and so much more,” said Alday.

There are some important tips of advice that each member would give to those with technology.

“There’s 2 things,” said Oxford. “First, find ways to use it to benefit you. Second, learn how to communicate with others outside of technology, and you’ll be effective at communicating.”

“Make sure you don’t spread important or personal information to others in case someone decides to leak it,” said Campos. “Always secure important folders, files, etc.”

“Yes, technology is very useful in many ways,” said Alday. “But don’t be dependent on it for everything just because it makes things a lot easier.”

Finally, each member pictures technology helping us out a lot more in the future.

“I hope that technology is used to make this a better world,” said Oxford. “Technology could eventually help us secure cancer, it could help us unite one another.”

“As the years go by, technology will be capable of fully supporting humans with their necessities,” said Campos. “They will be programmed to aid people individually with their different situations.”

“I picture technology in the future as a super advanced thing that can help us out more, make things safer and/or easier, and that it can probably take over a lot of things that we probably either can’t, don’t, won’t want to do,” said Alday.