A little kindness goes a long way

National Honor Society project aims to boost community spirits during pandemic


Juan Pena, Aztec Media

Copper Canyon High School’s National Honor Society is doing a project called “Kindness Rocks” for the 2020-2021 school year.

“This year, we are working on a project called ‘Kindness Rocks’,” said Michelle Gammon, the Copper Canyon NHS advisor.

This is a project that encourages others to make inspirational messages on rocks. This is to show that we are courteous, committed, helpful, and safe at Copper. They do this by writing down motivational messages on the rocks and giving them good designs.

“My favorite part of Honor Society is working on projects,” said Gammon.

Ashley Araiza, the chapter president at Copper Canyon, agrees.

“I like being able to contribute to school and other organizations,” Araiza said. “It makes me feel like I’m spreading some positivity.”

The CCHS Treasurer, Chris Tsoumou thinks that NHS involves nice work.

“We place an emphasis on community work,” said Tsoumou.

The NHS host and members have great feelings for the organization.

“I like NHS because it helps students more than just their grades,” said Ms. Gammon. “It also helps students meet people in the community.”

“I am proud to be in NHS,” said Araiza. “We all share a common interest for the community and academics.”

“I feel like it’s a close community,” said Tsoumou. “There are people who help you.”

They have different goals/plans for this year.

“This year, my goal is to try and make it memorable with the last 2 months we have of school through community work or events at school,” said Araiza.

Other club members agree that they want to finish the year strong.

“My goals are to help seniors graduate on time and finish chapter projects on time, even though we’re online,” said Tsoumou. 

They would highly recommend other students to join the team for great reasons.

“I would definitely recommend others to join,” said Araiza. “It is a great way to get involved in school and connect with your community.”

Throughout their time in NHS, these seniors said they have learned inspirational things from the community.

“You can always make the most out of the simplest things if you try,” said Tsoumou.

“To remember there’s so much reward that comes from volunteering and helping, there’s many communities and organizations that are looking for help. Being involved allows you to view life from different perspectives,” said Araiza.